The secret to success?

I had a long, hard look the published writers in my writers group, and published authors in general, and I think I have cracked the key to their success.

Sure, there’s the long hours spent at the keyboard, writing, editing, writing, starting again and writing more. There’s the invaluable (and sometimes painful) advice they listen to from their writers group/ editor/ agent/ next door neighbour, and we shouldn’t pooh-pooh their never give up attitude in the face of insult and indifference.

But that is not it.

For the most part they are cat owners. Yes, those slinky (or chunky) fluffy muses pad the path to publication, and bring their owners with them. And now I am lucky enough to have one of my own!

My intention was to put up a photo of her here, but she is still a little timid and not terribly fond of the strange black monster with the one glassy eye that clicks when I press a button, so most of the pictures were just blue-grey blurs. Never fear, little miss is quite the artist and she has rendered a startlingly accurate likeness to the fluffy blue one, so I will share that instead.

British Blue Shorthair Cat

Naturally I expect my productivity to blossom. Watch this space and we can test out my theory.

3 thoughts on “The secret to success?”

  1. I’m a cat owner also, that means it’s just a matter of time until I become a best selling author too! Right?

  2. Leif, it is surely just around the corner, for all of us!

    As for kitty’s name, it is Missy, but that *might* be getting changed. Missy is a little gentle for my liking, but then so too is the cat. Photo will come soon.

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