Rejecting rejection?

I’ve been a bit prone to the feel-sorry-for-myself’s recently. While I’m all for a little wallowing in misery, there does come a point when you just start to annoy yourself with the indulgence. I think I’ve got to that point now.

I got the triple-pack of rejections over the past fortnight, and two were for stories I really like. Usually when these two get rejected (ugh, I can say usually) I get personal feedback about which parts the editor liked, and why it is not quite right for their line-up. These most recent rejections were the stock standard ‘dear author’ generic single-sentence replies, so my joie de vivre took a bit of a beating.

As always happens in the minutes following, I spiralled into the ‘why am I doing this’ and let’s not forget; ‘I’m going to give up on this whole writing malarkey.’ But the moment I thought about quitting writing every instinct within me rebelled. I need to write, if I don’t I get grumpy, not to mention that writing is the only way to exorcise my mind of all those ghosts of stories not yet written.

So really this rejection triple has made me realise I’m not questioning the purpose in writing, but in sending it out to publishers. For now I’ll going to keep sending, while I’m still undecided, but don’t be surprised if in the future, especially if the stories start to pour out like some have recently, I might just post them on line (after peer review and editing) and let the world ignore, love or hate them at their own whim. For me writing is about getting read, and how that happens really isn’t of great concern.

Now I’m stamping out the feel-sorry-for-myself’s, I’ve reworked the rejected babies and am sending them on their way. I’m also starting the three stories that have only got as far as a few jotted notes over the past couple of weeks. Being a writer is about writing, not necessarily about being published. I know millions would argue against me, but I think we all need to find our own path, and more and more I’m thinking this is mine.

3 thoughts on “Rejecting rejection?”

  1. I second ellen there. Over the last half a year I’ve had nothing but rejections. Mostly for pieces I’m really happy with.
    At this point my proof reader is getting more stuff published than I am, but all of hers is smut so I’m not sure how to feel about that.

    Keep pushing it. The rejection/acceptance thing is a great example of negative/positive reinforcement, I think the hardest thing for an authour to do is not get hurt by it.

  2. See, I had a cunning plan. Last time I wrote about rejection I then got an acceptance, so I thought I’d try my luck again. Guess what… I got… ANOTHER REJECTION! I think the stars are incorrectly aligned or something. Don’t worry, I know it will pass.

    I love having writer friends who can sympathise! Thank you!!!!

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