The Meaning of Life

Yes, I know I promised to present five fabulous non-fiction books to you, but I got some good news this week, and I wanted to share it. So you’ll have to wait until Wednesday for the non-fiction reading list I’m afraid.  

The first bit of good news I got was that my flash fiction story entry Jaxon’s Gift gained an ‘honourable mention’ in the Australian Horror Writers Association short story competition! Which means I wasn’t too far off the pace. I’m also pleased to say fellow SuperNOVA member, Tracie McBride, was also honourably mentioned for her short story Slither and Squeeze.

The next bit of good news I got was that my self-(re)published short story Welcome to Midnight finally made it onto the Amazon free list, and in the twenty-four hours following that over 3,500 people downloaded a copy! As of Saturday night it was ranked #42 (hence the title of this blog). And here’s proof;
Amazon Sales Rank

The truth is I don’t know what the book is being ranked against, it could be all ebooks, it could free ebooks, it could be horror/science fiction books, or it could be free horror/science fiction ebooks by authors with surnames beginning with ‘P’. But I don’t care! My other self-published book on Amazon is ranked at a number four digits longer than Welcome to Midnight, so I’m VERY happy with #42!

So thank you to everyone for cheering up what was shaping up to be a bit of a depressing week!

I promise, next post will be the 5 great non-fiction books!


3 thoughts on “The Meaning of Life”

  1. That’s awsome, Nat! Hopefully people who like it will somehow get directed to Paragon and there’ll be a flow-on effect.
    Sorry to hear you’ve had an otherwise bad week.

  2. Unfortunately the story is getting bad reviews 🙁 kind of goes with the good week/bad week theme that has been happening. I suspect the reviewers didn’t ‘get’ the ending from what they are saying, which was always a risk with that story. I just have to hope that someone who does understand the end reviews it, because if you realise what’s happened then the end makes more sense. Maybe it is payback for the 5 star post I did?

    So I doubt there will be much flow on to Paragon unfortunately. Think I might go and find the wine and chocolate stash now…

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