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I was showing the 6 year old ‘little miss’ the fairy toadstools growing in the paddock across the road. Between these lovely red with white-dot storybook toadstools were slimy brown toadstools, which looked a little like fresh cow pats. Being the speculative fiction writer that I am, I asked her the question; “If fairies live in the pretty red and white toadstools, who lives in the slimy, gross brown ones?”

Little miss looked at me with the condescension that only a child can muster, shaking her head as if she pitied my stupidity. “That’s where the boys live, of course!”

I should have known!

Anyway, time for another photo blog, so here are some of the fairy houses around the garden…
Fairy Toadstool

Brown Toadstools

Fins of toadstool

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