The Rapture

Just in case you didn’t venture onto the internet over the past two days, yesterday was predicted to be ‘The Rapture’. For those of you heathens who don’t know what that means, the Cliff notes version is The Rapture is when the ‘good’ people are taken up to heaven, leaving the rest of us behind to face the apocalypse.

So it has to beg the question, was there really NO Rapture, or were we just not good enough? I’m waiting for the reports of piles of clothes or missing people, but they haven’t surfaced yet. I guess the 6pm deadline is still sliding across the globe so we may not see anything until tomorrow, but I’m sure we’ll see something, possibly someone disappearing while planking.

I’m not sure if it was just the short lead time I had (about 24 hours) between finding out about this prediction, and when it was meant to play out, or maybe I’m just getting a little immune to the internet sensations. Whatever it is, I forgot to look at the clock at 6PM and pay attention to any feelings of tingling.

The thing is, now when someone survives for 100 days eating only the juice of squeezed bugs and their own snot, you wonder who their agent is. Are we being inoculated against amazing possibilities by the very tool which is making it so easy to find out about them?

Anyway, for all you other not good enough’s I don’t want you to have a completely Rapture free weekend, and if it means anything, this was the only Rapture I got to experience as well;

YouTube Preview Image

4 thoughts on “The Rapture”

  1. Ooh, I haven’t heard that song for years! I do have to say there are plenty of piles of clothes lying around my house, though I don’t seem to see any people missing. Perhaps we had visitors? 🙂

  2. Ha ha, love it! My house is looking a bit the same I have to confess, this washing-unfriendly weather the southern states are having certainly doesn’t help!

  3. Great, so next time I’ll be able to stock up on bars of chocolate and bottles of water. Two days was not enough notice to get past the apathy!

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