Welcome to Midnight

My first ever fiction publication was Random Impulses in Antipodean SF, but my first ever paid publication was Welcome to Midnight, in Aurealis. This also just happens to be my highest paid publication so far as well, and gave me a slightly skewed idea about how much there was to be made in the game of writing. I am cured of this misconception now.

The publication rights have reverted back to me, so as my next foray into the wonderful wide world of self-publishing, I have re-released Welcome to Midnight as a free (for a limited time) ebook. So for those of you who do not want to sign up with any ebook publishers, you can download a copy of Welcome to Midnight no questions asked, just by clicking on the image below.

**WARNING** This story contains adult content!
Cover of Welcome to Midnight

This is a horror/science fiction tale, so perhaps not the most appropriate story to be reading on a religious holiday. But it is Swancon weekend, so there are elements of the speculative about this time of year.

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  1. That’s ok, I still haven’t read Paragon!
    I liked this, but wish there was more. Quite an interesting premise.

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