What hour?

Welcome to Midnight clock

I know I comment on it every year, but this daylight savings thing annoys me. More to the point the end of daylight savings annoys me. Supposedly I got an extra hour today, but I slept right through it –so it really doesn’t count.

Why not give it back to us on Saturday, or Monday? Yeah, I know there will be people who will catch the wrong bus or get to work too early, but that will just give them an amusing story to tell and make them the talk of the office. Not to mention that it would give us more of a sense of the hour that we have been given, so that we might do something useful with it. There have to be some trade-offs for the sun going down an hour earlier!

Goodbye sunset walks after dinner. Goodbye sitting in the sun in the window and reading in the late afternoon. Goodbye not turning the lights on until 7pm. I will miss you.

I think I need to move to somewhere where it is always daylight savings time.


6 thoughts on “What hour?”

  1. I have to confess, as the cold claims more and more of the day I have started to think about a move up north!

  2. Well I wasnt sure if I lost an hour or got an hour, it’s so confusing… I just figured I’ll just sleep until dad wakes me up to get ready for work. 🙂 xx

  3. Remember though that up north there’s *no* daylight savings. I love the day it ends — much less pressure to get up. I think we should have an extra hour like that every day. I do remember meeting casuals who hated it because they were working and didn’t get paid for the extra hour…

  4. You trust your Dad to know which way the clock went?!? He must be more organised than my Dad ;o)

  5. They don’t pay! That’s criminal. I hope they steal napkins or something to make up for it [official note; theft is not endorsed by author of blog]. I actually remember being up in Brisbane one October when I was starting a new job. Despite two set alarm clocks I also left the curtains open to ensure that I woke up in time to get to work. 4:30AM the room was lit up like Mercury (on the sun side). I think that is one place that might need daylight savings.

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