Forty vs six

This weekend I had a fortieth birthday party followed by a sixth birthday party. What surprised me most was not the difference, but the similarity between the two. Both were equally noisy, messy and jovial. Everyone seemed to have a good time and relished the chance to let their hair down.

Which makes me wonder how much we really grow up when it comes to spoiling ourselves? Or more to the point, how much should we grow up?

Perhaps instead of splurging on that beauty treatment, new pair of shoes or gourmet meal to lift our spirits, we should actually just go outside and play in the mud –not giving a hoot about how grubby we get! Better yet, invite your friends over so you have someone to fling clots of dirt at while dodging their earthy missiles.

Now that sounds like fun!


PS I thought I was overdue for some koala photos, so here they are;

koala in a tree

koala claws

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