Happy Australia Day!

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Australians are a quirky bunch. It is a place where “not too bad” means good. Where red-haired boys are called “Bluey” and where cricket is the only topic of conversation in summer… unless the Poms are winning.

No matter how sophisticated we become, or how widely we circulate in this big, little world, we all take a little part of the typical Aussie with us. We may not yell “Oi Oi Oi” in response to the catch-cry of “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie,” but we do all THINK it!

As much as it sometimes make us cringe, our historical ‘dinkum culture’ was the base of our current nuances that brand us as Australians. Our have a go mentality has translated to entrepreneurial business acumen. Our mateship has (for many) grown to embrace cultural inclusion and tolerance. And Ugg boots are now considered outdoor footwear the world over. These are things of which to be truly proud.

So this Australia day let’s not worry about pretences and stereotypes. Eat that lamb chop, drink from that tinny or tell the world that you are “not too bad” with a smile on your face. Whether you have been Australian for one hour, nine generations or forty thousand years, celebrate the wonderful opportunities and freedoms that being Australia has to offer. And if you over-celebrate remember you can always take the great Aussie sickie tomorrow if you need to.
Just kidding bosses!

Happy Australia Day!


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