Falling birds and floating fish

As much as speculative fiction writers like to wallow in some dark places when they are writing fiction, the truth is we never want to see these things become a reality. The first few days of 2011 have seen some very weird and fiction-like things happening in the real world, and I for one find it very unnerving.

In the US hundreds, maybe thousands of birds have fallen dead from the skies, at the same time hundreds of thousands of fish died a short distance away. ‘Authorities’ are claiming the two events are unrelated, but it does seem a bit too much of a coincidence to me that both occurred at the same time. What is even more disturbing is these events only killed one species of each animal.

But the plot thickens.

The answer might seem obvious enough; there is either a UFO or secret US military testing going on over Arkansas. So why then does New Zealand also suddenly find itself awash in dead fish, of one species, on the same day as the second big bird die-off in the US?

They say these are natural events with logical explanations, but so far all those put forward have been completely implausible (birds flying into things and falling dead to the ground in an open paddock?). It scares me to say it, but even using Occam’s Razor the only explanation for these things falls quite squarely in the speculative fiction realm.

Maybe it is time for me to start writing chick lit?


2 thoughts on “Falling birds and floating fish”

  1. Hey Nat

    At home we get flocks of a few thousand Rainbow Lorikeets at a time, I could image one well placed lightning bolt could easily kill a few hundred. And the fish could simply be a trawler net splitting open when being reeled in – most fish are dead by that stage.

    Having said that, I think this sort of idea would make a great opening for a book. The only thing I wish is that the beach in New Zealand was *exactly* on the opposite point on the earth to where the birds died in the Arkansas. That would make for the beginnings of a great mystery.

  2. Aha, but wouldn’t they then be a bit fried?!? I’m starting to think it must be UFOs because the Swiss have just had it happen as well: click here.

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