Happy New Year!

It feels like my glands are filling up with ball bearings, like someone took to my throat with a potato peeler last night, and ants are crawling through my sinuses. Yes, it is the end of year cold that had to happen.

Last year it heralded the onset of a bizarre, rare virus, but this year I’m pretty sure it is just a cold. I have a theory. When you are sick you appreciate the times when you are well. When you are well you don’t really appreciate anything and you lament the little things, like koalas weeing on your car. So the end of year cold sets you up to look back on (and appreciate) the good times you have had in the year that has gone, and to look forward to the well times in the new year ahead.

Hopefully now that I have cracked this cunning subconscious plan I can get well again before the end of the year. Perhaps I should start by thinking of the things that I am grateful for… I won’t give you the list, I think such things are personal, but as a list and goal-setting addict, I do write down what I want to do with the year ahead, as well as specific New Year’s resolutions. This year I will also make a long list of the good parts of 2010 so I don’t forget.

It might also save me from the end of year cold next year.

Happy New Year!


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