Paragon Published!

Paragon Now Available

It has taken 10 years to get it out to the market, but Paragon is now available for sale through Smashwords as an electronic book. Even if you don’t have an e-reader you can still read the book on your computer by purchasing a PDF version. Simply click here for more information about purchasing, and click here for the story blurb.

I need to say a BIG thank you to my wonderful mother who has just spent the past five days reading all 82,600 words of Paragon, paying particular attention to my evil homonym affliction. Yes, I did use the wrong ‘draw’ again, and yes my Mum picked it up, even after I thought I’d spotted them all. I’m checking myself in to homonym-anonymous later this evening (glad I don’t have to read this out loud, that was quite a tongue-twister).

So please pass this link on to as many young adults or science fiction readers as you can. It is aimed at the 13 – 18 year old market, but it can be enjoyed by all adults. There is no swearing and no sex, but there are adult concepts, a little bit of violence (not gratuitous) and plenty of action!

Happy reading!


5 thoughts on “Paragon Published!”

  1. Hi Nat – congratulations on getting this up and running. I will figure out how to get it onto my kindle (I’m sure there’s a way).
    Hugs XO

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