Paragon –coming soon!

I realised that I’ve asked you to set aside $3 of your Christmas budget for my first eBook (self-published), but I’ve not yet told you anything about it. So to give you a bit of a tease here is the book blurb.


What is the secret that the leaders are trying to keep hidden from the citizens of Paragon? Do they even know the answers themselves? Nine generations have passed since a global catastrophe sent hundreds of scientists into an enclosed biosphere called Paragon. It was meant to be the best of what humanity had to offer, and while the world outside was destroyed, Paragon did prosper.

But survival has come at a cost.

Time has corrupted the original intent, and power has fostered greed in those who rule. The citizens of Paragon accept the laws of the biosphere without question, until the ‘synthetics’ are born. Implanted with the brain tissue of a brilliant, generation-zero scientist, the ‘synthetics’ are the most intelligent people in the dome. But for some of them the brain tissue works in a different way, filling their dreams with memories of the Old-World. They begin to wonder why there is no effort to explore the outer world and repopulate as originally intended.

In a world of restricted population growth and termination ages, the freedom of the outside proves too great for two ‘synthetics’ who start asking questions that cannot be answered. Desperate to maintain the secrets of the dome, the leaders have no choice but to charge the citizens with subversion, a crime punishable by death. But to sentence them they must first be caught. In an enclosed environment there are few places to run.

This is a young adult novel, aimed at 14-114 year olds! Hopefully I’ll be able to give you a link to where you can buy it by next blog post!


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