Flying high, then low, then high again

There was a storm last night, a BIG storm. I consider myself somewhat of an expert on last night’s storm because I was flying through it. When we took off from Sydney airport the sky was blue with a scattering of fluffy white clouds. It was peaceful for a while… about as long as it took to taxi out to the runway.

I’m sure you have all experienced turbulence, so I won’t bother to describe the stomach turning roll, yaw and bump of it all. What was unique about this experience were the angry lightning storms that accompanied us for the last half of the trip, forcing the pilot to run hundreds of miles off track. I watched out the window as jagged bolts reached out, trying to spear our wings and zap the electrics. Fortunately we were kept just out of range.

Nearly 40 minutes later than expected we landed safely when a gap between storms passed over Adelaide airport. So surviving the flight home capped off a wonderful visit to the Blue Mountains.

But now we get to the storm fallout. Aside from the cramps resulting from the stress my body went through from *willing* the plane to stay in the air for nearly two hours straight, I now have some promises to fulfil. You know the ones; if we land safely I promise I’ll <fill in good deed or overdue task here>. So deed one is to finish the edit of Paragon by NEXT WEEK. So if you have any young adults to buy Christmas gifts for, consider a download of my novel. At the princely sum of around $3 you might still have to get them something else as well.

Deed two is to start being more grateful; so to the staff of DJ436, thank you for not looking terrified as you walked down the aisle holding onto the headrests and overhead lockers to stop yourselves from hitting the roof. If you looked scared I think I would have burst into tears instead of just digging my nails into the armrests. It does beg the question of why do we have to fly through storms to resolve to make ourselves better people?

Happy flying,


PS Another nature shot, a bit closer this time…
Mother and Baby Koala