Jim Pieces

I had to laugh, one of the removalists made the above spelling error when describing the contents of the box he just packed, and I couldn’t help but wonder if it was inspired by the destination. Just in case anyone in Adelaide doesn’t realise it, the rest of Australia thinks that every second person that lives here (yes, here –I got in to Adelaide this morning) is a serial killer. Let me just put that falsity to rest, I’ve encountered at least nine people today, and I’m pretty sure none of them were serial killers. In fact one complete stranger smiled at me. Or is that what serial killers do?

Anyway, the Adelaide hills are looking particularly beautiful at the moment, and the weather is sensational. As I bit into my fresh-picked strawberry flavoured strawberry (as compared to the styrofoam flavoured strawberries I normally encounter) and I cradled the bag of crispy new apples, bought from a stall on the side of the road, I could see that there were going to be some real benefits to this move. Not to mention all the catching up I’m going to be doing with long-neglected Adelaide friends.  

So, now I can get back to editing the novel that I promise will be out in eBook format before Christmas. And as for Jim, well I don’t know any Jim, not anymore. At least not any whole Jims. Pieces of Jim, now that’s another story…


Jim Pieces Label

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