Last post from Melbourne…

…for a while.

I’d like to say everything is packed, but it’s not. I’d like to say the house is clean, but it’s not. At least the garden is just one sweep away from being finished, but it’s still not finished. Yet as horribly badly as I’m running behind on all my lists, I’m sure I’ll get there in time for the removalists to pick it up and for us to be on our way come Saturday morning. I guess this is what they call faith?

So what wisdom has my move imparted?

  1. Do not save your fancy coffee, drink it when you want, for one day you will find yourself having only a week to finish the lot because it will not survive two days in a hot car.
  2. As much mess as what you think you have, double it. And then when you wrap it up in butcher’s paper, double it again!
  3. Possums are not cats, nor do they like being treated as such.

And what about WriMoFoFo? Well, that might be in need of a little faith too. I think I’m still going to hit the target of 15,000 words in 4 weeks, but let’s just say that well over half of those will need to be written while in Adelaide for me to make it. I’m sure when I am not drowning in boxes, paper and cleaning products that I’ll be able to move my focus back where it belongs; FreeCell. Followed by some of that writing thing.

But from my swirling mess of stress and packing and unreturned phone calls a wonderful little buoy of sanity and comfort has been right here. The blog has meant that even in my craziest of moving moments I have always written at least some words. So thank you for reading, and thank you for your encouraging words of support!

So, until next post (from Adelaide), happy writing!


One thought on “Last post from Melbourne…”

  1. I’m going to MISS YOU, Nat, and I don’t even have the chance to say good bye 🙁
    Good luck with the move this weekend, and I look forward to catching up when you venture back for a meeting sometime in the new year.
    Good luck with WriMoFoFo too. I’ve managed ~3,800w writing on buses and trains while travelling, which isn’t half bad, I reckon!

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