Words: 0 Cupboards cleaned out: 4

Yes, WriMoFoFo has not started well for me. I’ve been a bit stressed by the move and in an effort to appease the little monster that sits in my brain when I lay down to sleep and recites all the tasks I need to do before moving day, I have started packing already. Both the recycle and the rubbish bins are full, but the nifty WriMoFoFo spreadsheet that Liz did up for us is empty.

But there have been a lot of good moments during the packing when I’ve found little writing gems that I had completely forgotten about. As much as I procrastinate and find every excuse to not write in normal life, I’m actually quite good at keeping journals when I travel. I found one from my year in the UK which had me laughing and wasting at least an hour of packing/writing time. Here is an excerpt from my time working as a carer for a grumpy old lady and her dog.

She had a beautiful chocolate brown dog, Merlin, who had taken a fancy to me and I to him. Occasionally we escaped together for a brief walk, but due to his advanced age, his major hair loss and extensive arthritis the walks were short in both time and distance. I was also responsible for giving the dog his drugs, which he took in half a Milky Way (despite my protests that chocolate was bad for dogs; “maybe in Aus-tra-lia, but it is fine here”!?!?).

It was a whole week and a half before I stole one. I ate one of his sausages barely three days into the stint. I was hungry and he ate better than I did. He didn’t mind sharing, I asked him first. Besides, if I’m going to hell for any of my sins, it would be for giving the old lady the finger through the walls, not eating the dog food.

Perhaps a job as a carer was not the best career I could have followed, but it made for some particularly funny journal entries. This shows that we are constantly collecting material, even when we don’t know it. It also proves that the bottom drawer is no place for old writing, you need to have it out where you can see it and revive it.

Happy writing!


2 thoughts on “Words: 0 Cupboards cleaned out: 4”

  1. Old journals can be gold! And good for the soul too I think – remembering the stuff about yourself you might have forgotten.

    See if we can’t remedy that WriMoFoFo total tomorrow, ey?

  2. Oddly enough, this is my most read post. Why, I don’t know? I thought it was to do with cupboards, but more likely it is the reference to eating dog food. So I thought I’d just leave an update about life in Adelaide…

    I’ve now been a writer in Adelaide for six years, and it is going beautifully. I’m working part time, writing pretty much full time, and I’ve managed to surround myself with a bunch of writers and readers.

    I still really miss my friends (and mentors) in Melbourne, but my writing career did not stall as I feared it would. I’m still waiting for the big sale, but I have a lot more material to sell, so I’m sure it can’t be too far off.

    Words: Hundreds of Thousands – Cupboards Cleaned Out: None

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