They say a change is as good as a holiday. Who they are, no one knows, yet we all seem to know what they say. What do they mean; that I can help you with. When you go on a big holiday you have to update your expired passport, apply for visas, book and confirm tickets, try to locate accommodation that isn’t in the ‘bad’ part of town or next to a drop-in centre. These things can all be quite stressful. So is change.

I’m facing another change, and my first reaction was fear. Our first instinct is to think of all the bad things that can happen and we become acutely aware of what we are going to lose. More stress is caused by worrying about what might happen than in actually dealing with the things that do happen. The stress of the unknown is more powerful and debilitating than that of the known adversity.   

So how do we get around this? Easy, it sounds like something that would come out of a Disney movie, but look for the positive spin. Next time you face a change make yourself consider ten good things that might come of it. Feeling the excitement of possible good things is as strongly encouraging and productive as what feeling the stress of possible bad things is damaging. So go for the good feelings, they are a lot more fun.

Of course the joy of being a writer is that no matter what the change, you can always take your writing with you. I’ve taken mine with me through three different states, two different countries, and about 16 different jobs. Writing can be your constant.

But remember, just like a holiday, some things will go wrong with your change; these are the adventure stories that make you less boring at dinner parties. Overall you normally enjoy a holiday and look back on it with a warm feeling or even a yen to return. Change can be exactly the same. A million success stories started with an unwanted change, so don’t be afraid when you are confronted with it, be excited!

Happy changing,


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