Take that!

Last night someone crept into my life and stole sixty minutes! Had they asked I would have given it to them freely at a much more civilised hour, but never mind, either way it is gone now. So after many grey skies and too long layered in jumpers and coats, daylight savings is back, and with it came the sun.

When the sun goes down later, so do I. Dawn will soon arrive earlier, and brighter and in a significantly more attractive guise than it has been sporting these past few months, which will invite me to get up earlier. I know that on the surface this seems to have nothing to do with writing, but nothing can be further from the truth. All this meddling with the clock and warming up of the seasons translates to more time writing.

Earlier waking + Later to bed = More writing time. 

Daylight Savings ClockSo make the most of this annual gift! Before you know it they will creep in and squash that hour back into the day, giving you a sleep in, but stealing your free time after dinner. We writers need all the time we can get!

Happy daylight savings!