A new season

Today is the first day of spring and was my last day of work. That is to say it was my last day of ‘office work’ where I go in and get paid by someone else to do stuff. Starting tomorrow I’m paying myself, so knowing me I’ll actually end up working longer hours.

So what better way to begin such a journey as attending Aussie Con 4 –the World science fiction convention being held here in Melbourne? I’ve got my highlighter ready to paint my program and I’m hoping a few of the events will have been moved since I last saw them listed so that I don’t have to borrow Hermione Granger’s Time-Turner to attend all the things I want to see.  

I’m going to miss the people in my office, but I am so excited about what is ahead of me now. No more excuses, I have to write, and you can all hold me accountable. So as of hour 5 of my new found freedom I would say it has been a great move. I wouldn’t suggest all of you quit your jobs and follow my lead, but I would say that you should start your savings account so that one day you will have the option. I started mine a year ago. After all, these spontaneous life changes take some planning.

See you at the con!



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