Who am I?

Having recently signed up to Twitter I am now getting a nightly dose of publisher and writer ‘Tweets’, the thing is, I’m not quite sure what it’s all about. Let’s face it, when you only have 140 characters to play with you can’t exactly give a preview of your next novel.

Many of the writers I am following talk about what music they are listening to and what they are making for dinner. Is this what followers want to read? And if so, how harshly do they judge a writer on their music or meal choices?

Then it occurred to me; maybe these glimpses into ‘real’ life are just an extension of the writer’s work? Maybe they are all made up? If I tweet that I’m listening to Duran Duran or Adam Ant, not only do I give away my age, but I lose credibility with the younger readers (and probably many of the older ones as well). Should I instead claim to be listening to a cool Indy band? Better yet, make one up!

And when I tell everyone that I’m slipping into the kitchen to knock up dinner, do I admit the truth, that it is tuna mornay again, or do I go for something exotic that makes me look both open-minded and well travelled? Will I offend if I eat meat? If I don’t eat meat?

Do I have to create a fictional version of me?

I’m still undecided about all this, hence my nine tweets so far have related to good articles I have read or announcements that my blog has been updated. I will ponder this some more while I slip into the kitchen to whip up a slime and tofu salad for dinner while listening to this great new Indy band, the philosophical androids. Tweet.