Facing Fears

Following on from J K Rowling’s excellent speech (see previous post) I have been thinking a lot about taking risks over the last week. It is so easy to look back on the past risks of successful people and dismiss them as being minimal. But the truth is it takes a brave person to turn their back on safe and head into the unknown.

Every time you send out a manuscript you are taking a small risk. You are putting your work out there and seeing if someone likes it enough to publish it. You risk being told you can’t write, you risk being told your story is lame, you risk being told to give up. But these are all very small risks, and if you can’t take these, then you have no place in the world of publishing.

It is becoming apparent to me that these days if you want success in publishing, you need to take bigger risks. You need to fund your own marketing, you need to be prepared to get out there and push your book, you need to become more IT savvy.

I’m ready to take those risks, so to that end sometime before the end of this month I’m going to move my website and blog from my current ‘copy-paste’ templates to a new platform that I design and maintain. So please stick with me, there may be glitches, I may lose all my current content, but keep checking back if you suddenly find that I’ve gone off line. I will be back!

And do stay tuned, I have some exciting big risks coming up and I would love to bring you along for the journey. Life belongs to the brave, and I’m at the point where the fear of everything staying exactly the same has finally outweighed the fear of failure.

So let’s take part in a challenge, do one thing this week that you are afraid of, and please tell me about it. I’ll do something too, and it won’t just be turning off my website template. Let’s be brave together!

Happy risk-taking!


Taking risks, if Little Chef can do it, so can we;

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2 thoughts on “Facing Fears”

  1. Just catching up with several weeks of blogs. Have been tied to the laptop writing my thesis. You’re absolutely right about taking risks! The size of the risk is comparative – for a first-time author, sending in a story is a big risk until they have something to compare it to. And what seems scary to the person doing it is often seen by everyone else as exciting and cool.

    Anyway, my brave act in the next couple of weeks will be submitting my thesis. Exciting and cool to some but scary for the same reasons you mentioned about submitting a story. Afterwards, of course, there’s what happens next. I haven’t looked for a job for more than 5 years. All scary and life changing but also kind of exciting in terms of where it will lead me.

    Here’s to risk! And the things that make them easier to deal with like alcohol! 😉

  2. To sound very gen-Y OMG!!! I can’t believe you are at the end of that massive journey. Next thing you know you’ll be talking about moving back to Australia! Good luck with the final bits of polishing, you’ll have to let me know when I can start calling you doctor!
    xoxo revel in your risk, you will love it xoxo

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