Procrastination takes many forms for a writer; cleaning, planning, graphing, colour-coding POV scenes (yes, I’ve really done that), net-surfing, even staring into space. I guess in some way all these things end up contributing to the final production, but do we let them get in the way?

I learned (long enough ago that I shouldn’t disregard it as often as I do) that writing does not require inspiration. Writing just needs time. If you have time you can write. If you eat up that time with forty games of Freecell, then you don’t write. The formula is pretty simple really.

So why do I have graphs NASA would be proud of instead of a finished chapter this week? Because I let myself procrastinate. It’s like chocolate in a diet, you may want it, crave it, but you know that you have to say no. Staring at a blank screen may be the equivalent of celery and split-pea soup, but if you stare at it long enough the words will come. The diet will pay off and you will have another chapter in your computer.

This week I’m going to reacquaint myself with my willpower. This week I’m going to make myself sit down at my computer, with the internet turned off, Freecell disabled and my ever-supportive partner ready to make a cup of tea the moment I get tempted to get up and do it myself and I’m going to write. Every single night!

Let’s see how I go.


3 thoughts on “Procrastination”

  1. I’m thinking….. procrastination may be less powerful if you really lived your characters; kind of like when you read a good book, boo and cry with relevance and can’t put it down even as you resent the approaching last page!!
    Anyway to get back to absorption and obsession, how about some hypnotherapy!
    Get someone (hmmm, I can think of two options) to put you into your novel and see how you live it from inside.
    Apologies if this is all a sucking eggs comment!
    I’m actually just procrastinating (hahaha!) from cleaning my desk in the study: a transition from Uni Student to English Teacher has indeed occurred 😉
    Love Iggy xx

  2. It’s not so much getting into the heads of my characters to work out what they are going to do next. I do that all the time (usually in meetings in the office). The problem comes with the task of putting it all down in words, that’s where the work comes into it. But I guess that is the difference between a daydreamer and a writer, so it just goes with the territory. Thanks for your comment!

  3. you forgot BLOGGING as a procrastination device! I have too many blogs, and I always feel that should be posting on one of them . . .
    I’m with you on all the others as well.
    The thing I find is that procrastination is most rampant when one hasn’t written in a few days, and then it can get out of control. So good luck with WriMoFoFo.

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