Aussie Author Challenge

I am signing up for the Aussie Author Challenge. This is a challenge to read as many Australian authors as possible before December 31st 2010. I love to read different authors and different styles, so it will give me an opportunity to taste a bit of everything! Not to mention it will be supporting the Australian writing industry.

These are the books I will be reading, and writing reviews for once completed (more to come):

  1. The Immortal Prince – Jennifer Fallon
  2. The Gods of Amyrantha – Jennifer Fallon
  3. The Palace of Impossible Dreams – Jennifer Fallon
  4. The Chaos of Crystal – Jennifer Fallon
  5. Solace and Grief – Foz Meadows
  6. Madigan Mine – Kirstyn McDermott
  7. The Underdog – Markus Zusak
  8. The Messenger – Markus Zusak
  9. A Family Madness – Thomas Keneally
  10. The Puzzle Ring – Kate Forsyth

Book Reviews

Please note, I will not be giving books a score as my nature is always to be harsh just in case I find the perfect book that requires a 10 out of 10 to put it above all others. To that end, I don’t want to give something a 7 which for me would mean great, but to a reader might mean ‘give it a miss’, so I will just give my impressions of the book instead.

Also I will not give away spoilers. So you can read my reviews with the confidence that I’m not going to give away who did it, the unexpected twist at the end or let you know which of the beloved characters dies on the last page saving everyone else. There are enough review pages out there which are happy to do just that, but I believe the magic of the book is a personal thing which should be shared between you and the pages, so don’t let me give away the secrets.