Top 10 Authors – Eoin Colfer

It should be no surprise to find Eoin’s name here. I’ve publically declared I’ve hugged two of his books after reading them (there is now a third to add to that list). Eoin makes my list for his total body of work. I have read both his adult and young adult books and I love them all.

I think a big part of what I like about these books is that the sense of humour meshes so well with my own. There have been several occasions where I have laughed out loud on the bus, and I’m normally quite a reserved reader. I know this is a very personal thing, but hey, this is my top 10 so it gets a place.

The other thing I like about these books is the characters. They are not only humorous, but they are flawed (something else I can relate to) but deep down they are good. I like reading about good people, even if they do bad things by accident or omission. It is so much nicer to climb into the head of a good person than a bad one. Less muck sticks as well.

Eoin’s books are definitely the novels I turn to when I need to feel inspired to write again. When I read them, it makes me want to be a writer. I can imagine my characters hanging out with his and having a really good time. I actually love these books so much that I’ve set a limit on them, so that I don’t use up all their magic too quickly.

If you want to try them for yourself, and you don’t want to commit to his series (though you’d be doing yourself a favour if you did) then try ‘Half Moon Investigations’ – it is stand alone, but is very representative of Eoin’s style.

Top ten

Over recent months I’ve learned that one of the best things to inspire me to get back to writing is reading a good book. As such, I’ve actually got some emergency authors I turn to when I’m feeling particularly sluggish. So this year I’m going to give you my top ten authors who entertain and inspire me.

For some of them, they have booked a place in the top ten with just one book. When someone has written something that makes you want to hold onto that book forever, no matter what your reaction to the rest of their novels, I think they are worthy of getting into your top ten. Others have just consistently delivered books I love to read, that I can’t wait to get back to, with characters that I think about long after I’ve put the book down. And some authors have managed to do both.

I’m going to deliver them in a bit of a random order, I struggled to whittle down to a top ten, let alone put those that are in there into any kind of order. Also there is no denying that mood plays a big part in how much you love a book, so what is number 1 today may be number 7 tomorrow after a big day at work.

So, for the next ten months at least, my last post of the month is going to be my top ten; the authors I turn to when I want inspiration. I would love to hear your top ten, because I know there are many great authors out there I have not yet discovered. Tune in next week for my first top ten post.


I’m back

It was tempting to take another week off, if only to avoid the 200+ spam emails that have come in over the last month, but I suspect that if I didn’t come back today I might never. So here I am!

Typically the New Year brings a lot of reflection and self-analysis; questions about where one wants to be at the end of the year. Well I took a break from that too. Don’t get me wrong, I made a list, but I made it far more open than just what I wanted to achieve this year, it was what I wanted to achieve ever. No time limits, no deadlines, no sense of failure to be felt if it wasn’t ticked off by the end of 2016.

In fact the things are not even written up in a way conducive to being ticked off. I wrote things sideways, upside down, in circles, along the edge of the page… I let my imagination run riot and I dared to dream big.

I think it is my favourite list ever. And there is a lot to be said for starting the year with a sense of hope and inspiration instead of feeling the pressure of self-imposed expectations.

I hope you year has started with positive feelings too. See you next week.